Laon first day

We set off early about 8am from the hotel in Soissons to the Parc Foch in Laon about 20 miles away.

We arrived in Laon to a very busy park to a reserved Panther area. Picked up our pack and goody bag- umbrella, plaque, posters maps and vouchers for sandwiches!

The theme of the event is Red & White, and many people wore these colours.

The sun wandered in and out but it kept dry. There were many cars on display- 761 cars registered for the event.

We did wonder where some of our group were. Unfortunately there is another Parc Foch 40 miles in the opposite direction and 4 cars went there following their sat nav… No names no pack drill…

About 10 we set off on a Tour on the local roads. A lot of work had gone into this with a full set of tulip diagrams, the cars split in 2 directions, we were on route B :

… and we only got lost 2 or 3 times!

We met in a park in Soissons for lunch

Some did the full route back to Laon where there was a pop concert but we retired to the hotel!

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